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Closed-minded, nothing in the box – Chit-Chat

Today I had an argument with one of my teachers on a subject that nowadays is pretty hype : vlogging and vloggers. She, the religious zealot and money sucker at the same time is a coordinator teacher for the faculty’s magazine where me and a few colleagues are editors, so even if she told us : “You can do whatever you want with the magazine”, now she reacted odd when she read an article I wrote about a local vlogger. She acted on the term of “vlogger”.

Living under the circumstances that I don’t expect at all even from my parents to understand “these modern odd things”, but I should say I’m lucky they do, so I won’t expect that the persons I encounter on the street would do it but at least I thought that an university teacher will. But well, I’m wrong. Until now I traveled a bit around Europe and I saw and felt the open minded people at a larger scale than the people I see and meet day by day. I’m not sure if I convinced her to let me keep the article or she just gave up arguing.

But the best part is that these people are pretty empty inside so they can be filled up with all the bad stuff as a garbage can (I’m truly sorry If I offended somebody).

Maybe I was too lousy with this honest opinion, but even how hard I try, can’t write it in a prettier way.

I remembered of that minion from the movie “Her” that wasn’t shy to express its feelings in … let’s say though honest words. Perhaps sometimes we have to forget about being polite and lay down our deepest thoughts even if we will be remembered as little impolite trolls.

I would love to know what is your opinion on “these modern odd things”, being closed-minded and about little impolite trolls ?


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