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Urban identity

Long time, no speak. I want to enchant your eyes with a few photos made and edited by myself for an architectural contest (the theme was : urban identity) which took part in August-September 2014 :

City of London
City of London
Marble Arche
Marble Arche, London
The pedestrian, Oradea
Pedestrian, Oradea
The pedestrian pt.2, Oradea
The pedestrian pt.2, Oradea

I want to make a drawing of one of these four places but for that I need your help to choose one of them. Let me know by subscribing a comment or contacting me via e-mail which one you like the best/or not and which would you like me to draw the most !

Song of the day :

petit ☮



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Left Alone – Necessary evil (PT. 4)

I listened to the song attached bellow while editing the picture. Subcarpati is a romanian band which combines harmoniously romanian folklore with dnb/dubstep/tri-hop/hip-hop, an bold initiative. If I would be in a position to judge I would give them 10/10 for everything they do.

One of my classmates, Benjahmin made this awesome remix of the Subcarpati song, “Rau necesar” (Necessary evil)

Subcarpati – Official page


Have a brilliant week !