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#8 – Oh dear humanity


In this diary entry I want to talk about a subject that I call : humanity, or simple let’s name it : people. I chose to write about this interesting species after I followed some of the human’s reaction after a physical “hurricane”.  First of all, I hate my country’s politics and from here : I hate politics and I won’t ever discuss it or think about it. I honestly don’t want to overweight my mind with such a hilarious matter.

In my country yesterday took part one of the two presidential elections. I honestly tell you dear reader that I reached the point of not caring who will win. Why ? Because unfortunately they are all the same, they are simply human beings with stealer-poker face, marvelous actors pretending to care. But we all know, no one cares, for anyone, for nothing. We haven’t learned our lesson yet. Oh dear humanity.

Today I came home from college, ready to work on a new creepy story when I saw on facebook these interesting hilarious posts coming from various people telling the world that they had enough, that they want to puke, that they are sick and tired. Yes, they realized after 20 years (or less) that the system is corrupted but they already knew it, but still they came to complain today when the official results of the elections were shown. I feel so sorry for a part of my nation because they are still naive, because they want to believe that some sort of good evil will sort things out, they still facepalm themselves when they see some illiterates voting with the wrong side. How possibly can things turn out on the other way ? It simply can’t. Those people might not be guilty for their lack of knowledge because they might have grown in a place that would have constrained them and for the lamb’s sake who are we to judge them ?! We are no God, we are no judge. Well, this is my opinion of course, you, the one who will read this, you’ll have something else on your mind to say and I will listen to it, because we are humans, aren’t we ?

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Petit ☮

Brain Food, Dear diary


We all live in an empty world, there is no life, there is no love, there is no joy. There is no identity. Who am I ? Who are you ? I can see myself in every you.

Dear diary,

This is my 3rd entry and I almost forgot to write down those “dear diary” magic words that make you feel enchanted. But wait, I can’t do magic because I’m not a wizard.

So let’s pretend you’re my best friend. Now I will tell you what happened today, because you’re curious about it. Now I smile, even if you can’t see it. So, today I spent my time drinking coffee and chit-chatting with a lovely young girl. She left behind some sparks and a million little pieces of sea stars. Do you know how it feels ? It’s as beautiful as the sunrise or as a blooming flower.


Song of the day : Benjamin Francis Leftwich – More Than Letters


Thank you, G !


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Closed-minded, nothing in the box – Chit-Chat

Today I had an argument with one of my teachers on a subject that nowadays is pretty hype : vlogging and vloggers. She, the religious zealot and money sucker at the same time is a coordinator teacher for the faculty’s magazine where me and a few colleagues are editors, so even if she told us : “You can do whatever you want with the magazine”, now she reacted odd when she read an article I wrote about a local vlogger. She acted on the term of “vlogger”.

Living under the circumstances that I don’t expect at all even from my parents to understand “these modern odd things”, but I should say I’m lucky they do, so I won’t expect that the persons I encounter on the street would do it but at least I thought that an university teacher will. But well, I’m wrong. Until now I traveled a bit around Europe and I saw and felt the open minded people at a larger scale than the people I see and meet day by day. I’m not sure if I convinced her to let me keep the article or she just gave up arguing.

But the best part is that these people are pretty empty inside so they can be filled up with all the bad stuff as a garbage can (I’m truly sorry If I offended somebody).

Maybe I was too lousy with this honest opinion, but even how hard I try, can’t write it in a prettier way.

I remembered of that minion from the movie “Her” that wasn’t shy to express its feelings in … let’s say though honest words. Perhaps sometimes we have to forget about being polite and lay down our deepest thoughts even if we will be remembered as little impolite trolls.

I would love to know what is your opinion on “these modern odd things”, being closed-minded and about little impolite trolls ?

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Chit-chat : Valentine’s day

Here it comes, that day wanted by a lot of people (especially by ladies)  when everything is all about their actual relationship (or the upcoming) but usually everything is about “her” desire : roses, candy, chocolate, gifts, a romantic date. All of this sounds amazing in a girl’s ear but sometimes it doens’t seem to be that positive for men who would probably prefer a football match with friends than the romantic getaway. Of course not only men belong to this “category”, there are a lot of women : but why would we hate the day we celebrate St. Valentine who it is said that married a pagan to a christian just because they were in love and because of it he was executed on the 14th february ? Theoretical, we have no reason to hate this day, but practical, this feeling is strongly developed in the case of ones without partners.

In curand soseste acea zi asteptata de o sumedenie de persoane (in special de domnite) care consta in relatia actuala (ori viitoarea relatie) a acestora dar  de obicei totul se rezuma la ce vrea “ea” : trandafiri, bomboane, ciocolata, cadouri, o cina romantinca. Totul suna incredibil de frumos in urechile unei fete insa nu neaparat si in cele ale tuturor baietilor care probabil ar prefera vizionarea unui meci de football cu prietenii decat acea escapada romantica. Desigur nici fetele nu sunt excluse din aceasta “categorie” : dar de ce am uri o zi in care il sarbatorim pe Sf. Valentin care se presupune ca ar fi cununat un pagan cu un crestin doar pentru ca erau indragostiti si din aceasta cauza a fost executat pe 14 februarie ? Teoretic, nu avem nici un motiv pentru care sa uram aceasta zi, dar practic, acest sentiment se dezvolta tot mai puternic in cazul persoanelor fara pereche.

Of course on this subject I found an video that I find quite amuzing with top ten tips how to survive this period :

Desigur pe aceasta tema am gasit un video care mi s-a parut amuzant cu top zece sfaturi cum sa supravietuim acestei perioade :

If we followed those ten precious tips, we can go further to : “But if I have no partner, what can I do on the 14th february ?”, well under no circumstances spending it crying or home alone. I usually tend to “spend it” with my friends in our favourite pub. How do you spend the Valentine’s Day ?

Daca am respectat cele zece sfaturi pretioase, putem trece mai departe la : “Dar daca nu am partener, ce pot face in aceasta zi ?” , in nici intr-un caz nu plangand sau “home alone”. Eu de obicei “petrec” aceasta zi minunata cu prietenii in pubul nostru preferat. Voi cum va petreceti ziua indragostitilor ?

I’ll finish the subject with this little movie made by “Small Fry” with beautiful and lovely kids answering to a few questions related to Valentine’s Day :

Voi incheia subiectul cu un mic film realizat de “Small Fry” cu copii draguti si frumosi care au raspuns la cateva intrebari referitoare la ziua indragostitilor :