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Warning. Full fiction content.

Who do you think you are ? A devil with pungent looks ? I saw too many eyes, too many minds. They’re nothing but clones. Same structure, different masks. You just couldn’t fit in there. You with your swords, shield, your strong armor ready for battle, but it’s a long way to inferno.

You wake up with your mind at peace but in 0,01 seconds it turns into state of war. You’re there, laying in your bed sleeping with your eyes wide open, lying that you don’t. Light up that cigarette, let it burn, let it flow through your system, let it kill it. Make it the perfect murder. It’s 3 a.m., you can’t sleep, you’re awake and fighting off those demons who torment your dreams. I see you fighting right now, heavily breathing, tense, concentrated.

I pulled the trigger by mistake. Now you can open your eyes.

The guy who features in the image is Codrin Bradea, a wise little warrior. I suggest you checking him out right now :


Give him some love.

Petit ☮

Artwork, Brain Food, Chit-chat, digital art

Satana tribute

I met a few months ago this young and charismatic man I mentioned in a post before. Codrin (Satana) is a local talent and If he keeps up the good work he will become one day a big filmmaker because this fresh mind has a lot of creativity involved in.
So I thought this young man deserves a lot of warm colors* :


I support mr. Satana (everytime I spell it makes me want to spell “Santana”, sorry Codrin) and I invite you to subscribe to his youtube channel 

Have a great week !
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Giving or not a damn – Chit-chat

"OMG, look at her ! She wears those ugly clothes. Do you remember my old friend X ? 
She is such a looser. Does this dress makes me fat ? I'm so fat. I need to lose weight.
I will quit smoking but I can't because I can't drink my coffee without it.
I hate this place, there's too much smoke."

Does this sounds familiar ? I know it does. We all have (or had) at least a friend or acquaintance who loves to complain about … much everything and if it’s possible, an entire conversation about their “miserable life”. Why that dirty life ? Well in case you haven’t noticed, every event or person that surrounds them are “miserable”.

The last conversation of this kind I had a week ago and I honestly don’t remember a word. I only remember that I wanted to enjoy a coffee in silence. I know this girl (let’s name her x) who loves to gossip a lot about others, including personal stuff that should be kept safe. It doesn’t matter that x only met you for like one minute, she will gossip about people and when x got you in her nest, she will release the Kraken of complains and that one gives some serious brain damage. I guess maybe that’s the reason why she’s still alone.

Well, dear complaining persons, you should know that we don’t give a damn and if you are one of them, believe me sir/lady, you are entirely boring.


So, are you the complainer type or the one who doesn’t gives a damn ?

I know another person that doesn’t give a damn because some bad minions closed his youtube channel for some communist reasons. His name is Codrin Bradea (Satana) and he’s making some awesome stuff there (parodies, gaming and entertaining words). Because sharing is caring, let’s support this talented young man by subscribing to his youtube channel.