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Cocoon : Awakened (updated)

Cocoon, drawing

I had a project in mind a while ago : to repaint, or update my drawings (while I’m still working on other new drawings). So I “updated” my drawing which I named “Cocoon : Awakened” by painting the background into black.

Please check out my last petite drawing : One

Thank you and I wish you a wonderful day !

Artwork, Drawings, Paintings - Watercolor, The beauty of the beast

The beauty of the beast V : The fusion


I started working at this drawing in autumn, firstly, I wanted to create something using only the pencil but in time I thought I could try some watercolors and after almost four months I completed the drawing which I named ”The beauty of the beast V : The fusion” (and of course I wanted to continue ”The beauty of the beast” drawings).

I mostly listened  to this song while I was working, hope you’ll enjoy it as I did !

With love,