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Chit-chat : When not in the mood


Today I’m choosing to stay in with my bed, no side dishes, no dessert. The fact that it is raining like hell, might change my mood from being neutral to “too lazy to speak”. So I made a quick imaginary what to do list in my mind and settled things out. Everything perfect until almost all of my friends started typing me to go out, invites coming out like almost simultaneously and to be honest wish I could be in an adecvate mood to just put a dress on and shine like the moon, but sometimes even that pretty moon has its antisocial days and nights, like at least once a month (let it be twice). So because having a shitty mood, as a normal person you try to explain them that you are not in the mood to go out. First you think : “Okay, I might try to be in the mood”, you try your best for your friends sake ! But guess what ? Your mood is still freaked up ! No matter how much you would try, you just can make it straight, even if gold would fall out of the sky (that would be nice tho, but no, still to lazy to get up and go out in that dirty rain).

Now here comes the worst scenario : your friends don’t understand you, maybe only your best friend which knows you well. What to do ? You try again to explain yourself, trying not hurt anyone despite your grumpy and lazy mood, so you won’t hurt anyone. You almost write them a poem but they won’t get it straight so they keep on insisting more and more … and more (A and G if you read this, don’t get upset). They really, madly, deeply, truly want you there ! And you, a selfish bastard will tell them : “Hey, I’m not in the mood okay ?”. If I put myself in their places, well, let’s say it would be really weird to have a friend which on a rainy night desperately wants to be alone and see no one. I would really worry about leaving my best friend alone like that. I mean, he might do something very wrong, like eating all the chocolate and drinking all the wine alone ! Now that would be selfish not to share. But still, just thinking of how selfish they can be as well to insist that much and not care that you might really want to be alone, that’s really nasty but still normal of course.

tumblr_loc35uCPyY1qltig3o1_500No matter how much they will beg for it, insist and cry for it, you will eventually say a beautiful : “Fuck off !” and let them know that you still love them even if you’re a pain in the ass. They will get you eventually !


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