Brain Food, Chit-chat

*blank space*


I missed you Mrs/Sir who is reading thedarkpixxel. I went through almost two month block, couldn’t write, draw, no inspiration. I literally died (tho my heart is pretty pumping up things over there).

I’m working on a new drawing, hopefully it will be ready until 31st March and I have a dozen of story ideas in my mind … See, lately, all I want is to pleasure my mind, giving it all sort of foods. Some of them are poisoning, others are simply deceiving it. Guess you’re all doing it, right ? Especially on the night time. Oh pretty night when all sort of images and words encounter your brain leaving you sleepless. I could sit here ∞ in front of the laptop thinking of the title of this post which is currently right blank (and I might leave it like that because the last great adventure is you *smiles* )

Meanwhile, please visit my friend’s blog, she’s a great storyteller and awesome photographer !

(Plus, visit the new page about petit *random questions* !! )

See you next time !

Song of the day : Cold War Kids – Hang me up to dry

petit ☮