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cloud, sky, evening, summer, blue, view
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cloud, sky, evening, summer, blue, view
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Song of the day : Apparat – Arcadia

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Short tutorial – How to create digital art ?

Lately I’ve been asked how I edit those pictures I post and in this article I will show you an example how to create digital art in Petit’s way.
I start with a photo I usually take of a certain object, here I used a picture I took from MY garden :


Then I’ll create a clone of the picture and make it greener and rotate it horizontal :


Then I’ll drag the picture and combine the two with a filter. Now I want texture, so I will use multiply :


For the next step, I used a random picture as a layer for texturing using the exclusion filter. Then to add some mystery, I will use a little gaussian blur :


I thought to add a deer using the filter divide and then adding some motion blur to it to increase that mystery :


The next step I did was adding some clouds, using the screen filter with an amount of 90% :


After this, I will add again the deer but this time using darker color with 50% opacity and then giving it some motion blur. Of course at the end adding the “Jurnalul lui Petit” watermark :


Song of the day : 3∆N – Youth (Damien Rice – Volcano Remix)
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