About Myself

Getting caught in daily problems, having to deal with difficulties at work, school, family matters, or personal shit, usually is the biggest excuse to not do anything creative, something that make you feel more accomplished. At the surface level, all problems seem to be really important, but in the long run you’ll get the feeling that you haven’t achieved anything. This is a lesson I learned during many years of experience. I realized that in order to do something which implies superior effort, involves commitment and persistence. Like my father said, in order to learn something, practice, practice, practice. What is next? In this case once you achieved a certain level of mastering your artistic skills, whether it’ s painting drawing, writing, or whatever you do that makes you good at it, do you quit and move on to other projects or desires that you wish to fulfill ? Usually people get caught in daily activities and forget why they got involved in perfecting their skills in the first place. Why do you want to learn to do something? Is it because it makes you feel better? Do you want to impress someone? Do you feel a higher calling? Or just simply want to do something that most people can’t? It doesn’t matter. Filling yourself with skills that you’ll never use, I call that a waste of energy, time and effort. Do something with them. Get a job in your domain, do simple hobby projects that bring joy to other people, try to show the world who you are, or send out a message through your works.

In my case, I began drawing when I was still a kid in middle school. I sucked at it. No one gave me any importance in what I was doing. I liked to draw because I a had an admiration for some of my friends, and fellow colleagues at school and wanted to get their attention or just simply fit in my group of friends more easily. Hard work and sweat, made it easy to surpass them, in slowly got more attention from my relatives and teachers. I felt a sense of achievement, and that gave me more reason to persist in perfecting my skills as visual artist. I gave a lot of my drawings to friends, or people I met, and also participated in some competitions. I had the sense of sharing, a gift that keeps on giving. It brought me a lot of happiness and a superior feeling to any mundane events.

So I continued with painting and simple wax sculpting, and slowly moved into the world of 3D Visual Graphics. Expressing yourself trough 3D graphics opens the doorway to a new level of creativity. I can experiment a lot, with hundreds of software, you can create motion graphics, character design, object design, industrial design, conceptual art, abstract art, you name it. As long as you become pretty good at this, you can work in the movie industry, gaming industry as a content creator, television design commercials etc. the possibilities are endless.

But let’s keep it simple for now. The software of my choosing for any beginner, I would recommend Sketchup which will get you up and running with basic knowledge of 3d, Cinema 4d offers advanced features like animation motion design complex 3d modeling altogether under an easy user interface experience, you’ll get the hang of it in a very short time. There are other software out there that are a bit more difficult like Maya, 3DS Max ( these two are the standards in 3d industry), Blender 3D ( a very complex but advanced 3d creation open source – free 3D software), and many other.

I like to work in Cinema 4D for advanced modeling, and Sketchup for simple conceptual prototyping.

I will show you a little project I’ve done last week in Cinema 4D. Hope you guys like it.


Good Morning Sunshine