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The assassin


Song of the night : Septicflesh – Order of Dracul

Petit ☮

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Fragments of my brain. (a lot of fiction included)

You see a picture, ideas are coming, flowing through your eyes. Your senses are coming alive, your brain starts working like a ticking clock. Tick-tick, you close your eyes and see pictures moving, in a flash they invade your mind. It’s your imagination.

Open your eyes, breathe. Hear all the noise that surrounds you : the clock, the wind, the leaves, an airplane is crossing by. Deep inside your mind you can see tiny spots, fragments of your imagination : a picture. Inhale, close your eyes and let the wind take you to your secret place. Exhale, remain there, stay still, birds are singing the rhapsody of your imagination.

I can see a fragment of your mind, moving through me like a vibrant wave. Multiply yourself, grow like a spirit, pacify inside my mind. Warm up, show me your wild side, show me your calm side, show me the artist that lives in your darkest corner. Bind to me, bird of freedom teach me to see. Teach me to fly.

 Inspiration. Feed me.

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(the drawing is a continuation of the previous artwork – the phoenix and cold waters)

Thank you, mr. C.

 Petit ☮


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