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Dear diary,

I had a dream last night, it was weird. I was a little girl, walking through a lavender field. With long red curly hair, dressed like a scholar. With a navy blue skirt, white shirt and stockings and a white-collar. The sun was up, so warm, yet so cold. Burning my white skin as I was moving forward, searching for something unknown yet so familiar … Suddenly started raining with big drops, hitting the ground hard as a war was starting between the sky and the earth. The two Goddesses, Sky and Earth fighting for the honor of the Galaxy with maces and shields, turning the field into a wonderful thunderstorm show. I can hear their screams while I walk away from the lavender field, wish I could stay longer to watch them fighting. I have to move forwards, something is calling my name, I hear it echoing into my head. I start running as the rain stops, so it is over. One of the Goddesses won, while the others are mourning the defeated one. The sun is shining again with all its strength, powerful as ever. Stunning me, burning my skin. I feel my legs shaking and trembling. I want to shout but I can’t.

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Cup of coffee, snowflake and the essay

Sambata, 19 ianuarie 2013 : lumina orbitoare de afara ma trezeste. De cateva saptamani eram obisnuita cu lumina moale care era filtrata de norii gri, dar de data asta ceva era schimbat, m-am apropiat de fereastra si am observat ca totul era alb, totul era atat de frumos, parea magic, ireal.

[Saturday, 19 january 2013 : The blinding light awakens me. I was used for several weeks with the pale light wich was filtered out by the gray clouds, but this time something was changed, I approached the window and noticed that everything was white, everything was so beautiful, looking magical, unreal.]

Preview from my window
Preview from my window

Incet urma sa porneasca o noua zi, precum locomotiva unui tren aflat inca in gara pregatit sa porneasca spre aceleasi meleaguri strabatute de atatea ori. Insa ceva parca statea in loc, ceva nu dorea sa se miste, ceva tinea timpul in loc si facea sa para astfel incat totul este doar un vis. Paginile internetului m-au condus spre un ritm care in afara de faptul ca se numea ”Get up Carmen”, m-a determinat sa-mi pregatesc cana cu cacao si cafea si incet visul s-a spulberat, totul revenea la normal.

[Slowly a new day was going to start, such as a locomotive still in its railway station ready to pursue the same lands crossed many times. But something seemed standing in place, something didn’t wanted to move, something was holding the time and make it seem like a dream.  Internet pages led me to a rhythm that besides the fact was named “Get up Carmen“, led me to prepare my cup of cocoa and coffee and slowly the dream was shattered, everything returned to normal.]

Dupa cateva minute m-am trezit rasfoind cartea ”Arta 1900 in Romania” scrisa de Paul Constantin (Editura Meridiane Bucuresti, 1972) care avea sa ma ajute la compunerea unui eseu referitor la creatiile arhitectilor Daniel Renard, Ion Mincu si Petre Antonescu care au fost intemeietorii stilului Neo-Romanesc. Acelasi ritm ma insoteste timp indelungat pana acea locomotiva a pornit atat de lin incat nici o vibratie nu-si face prezenta, nimic sa perturbe linistea, atat de limpede.

[After a few minutes I found myself flipping the book named “Art of 1900 in Romania” written by Paul Constantin (publishing house Meridiane Bucharest, 1972) which was going to help me to compose an essay relating to the creations of romanian architects Daniel Renard, Ion Mincu and Petre Antonescu who were the founders of Neo-Romanesc style. The same rhythm accompanies me for a long time until the locomotive has started to go so smoothly, nothing to disturb the peace, so clear.]

Odata cu sosirea serii cuvintele aveau sa-si faca aparitia insiruite precum furnicile inainte de furtuna.

[With the arrival of the night words were making their appearance lined up like ants before the storm.]