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Chit-chat : When not in the mood


Today I’m choosing to stay in with my bed, no side dishes, no dessert. The fact that it is raining like hell, might change my mood from being neutral to “too lazy to speak”. So I made a quick imaginary what to do list in my mind and settled things out. Everything perfect until almost all of my friends started typing me to go out, invites coming out like almost simultaneously and to be honest wish I could be in an adecvate mood to just put a dress on and shine like the moon, but sometimes even that pretty moon has its antisocial days and nights, like at least once a month (let it be twice). So because having a shitty mood, as a normal person you try to explain them that you are not in the mood to go out. First you think : “Okay, I might try to be in the mood”, you try your best for your friends sake ! But guess what ? Your mood is still freaked up ! No matter how much you would try, you just can make it straight, even if gold would fall out of the sky (that would be nice tho, but no, still to lazy to get up and go out in that dirty rain).

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pixxel stuff #3

*Tumblr reblog day*

(random stuff from tumblr)

*Off-topic : Yesterday I watched “The Grand Budapest Hotel” with my good friend from more than letters (if you’re kind to click the link ^smiles^ ) and if you’re into adventures and a fiction-lover, go for it ! You will like it.* via via
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Song of the day : Alexandre Desplat – Mr. Moustafa

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*blank space*


I missed you Mrs/Sir who is reading thedarkpixxel. I went through almost two month block, couldn’t write, draw, no inspiration. I literally died (tho my heart is pretty pumping up things over there).

I’m working on a new drawing, hopefully it will be ready until 31st March and I have a dozen of story ideas in my mind … See, lately, all I want is to pleasure my mind, giving it all sort of foods. Some of them are poisoning, others are simply deceiving it. Guess you’re all doing it, right ? Especially on the night time. Oh pretty night when all sort of images and words encounter your brain leaving you sleepless. I could sit here ∞ in front of the laptop thinking of the title of this post which is currently right blank (and I might leave it like that because the last great adventure is you *smiles* )

Meanwhile, please visit my friend’s blog, she’s a great storyteller and awesome photographer !

(Plus, visit the new page about petit *random questions* !! )

See you next time !

Song of the day : Cold War Kids – Hang me up to dry

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31/12/2014, 4 a.m. – writing messages and playing my favorite stalking game, it should be the last one because I’m bored.

“Make a New Year’s resolution !”, they said. Well, let’s see, it should sound like this :

[] I want snow
[] I want to visit a new country, maybe Norway
[] I want more money (who doesn’t ?)
[] I want to read tons of books
[] I want to write more
[] I want to draw more
[] I want to make more artwork
[] I want to be more creative and inspired


But I’m not sure that this resolution helps, for the record those are just some words. “Oh but it will be fun, you’ll see.”, they said. Anyway I’ll do whatever I’ll feel like, I don’t necessary need a list for that. I’m sure that at least 80% of you out there reading this made a New Year’s resolution. I wonder, does it help you to keep it balanced ?

I think I just fell asleep, it’s 2 p.m. and still 2014. Maybe I really should clarify my goals for the next year ! Or … Maybe not. What am I a robot ? I don’t need an encrypted information inside of me to remind me every day which are my life goals. That’s hilarious.

It’s almost 12 a.m., alone in a corner, for the last 10 minutes. People are downstairs having fun, but I choose to smoke a cigarette on a song and dance smoothly to it and the cigarette is tastier than ever. Sometimes is so comfy to be alone there for a bit, just you and your thoughts. But next I wake up dragged into the crowd  with tons of “happy New Year”. Guess they made some New Year’s resolutions.

Song of the day :

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