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Warning. Full fiction content.

She dragged me into those deep waters. With her iron claw she fetched his arm, drawing him closer to the road. I was unable to move, silenced to death maybe, maybe I was the one who wanted to be silenced. I saw him struggling, trying to help himself out. Her face and her body were transforming into something monstrous. She will kill the gods.

Within a second she smashed his arm posing as a Goddess. She was growling from the depth of her released soul, imposing, showing her fearless side, her darkest side but yet beautiful. He was unable to do anything, under her pressure he was a worthless dead man. I was struggling to get out and beg her to leave him be, to let his precious soul alive but I was bonded with the straps of her soul. She left me in this corner, in this coldness, she nearly forgot about my pitiful soul, left me alone. Why would I want to watch you ? Why would I want you ? I’m nothing but a leftover.

She never approached me, she only wanted his soul and I was only the bait. The lure she used to get to him. I was her precious object until now when I became the useless scrap you throw out, the dirt you seem to hate. They asked me once : “Are you hurt ? Do you feel pain ?”, I answered them that I forgot how pain really used to feel.

I got soaked into its abyss hanging there forever. Trapped in an imaginary lonely world which would never end. She keeps me inside, releasing me when there’s no more darkness. I’m just her pretty mask. But he penetrated that dark membrane dragging me out of it. He saved me. He could left me there in the cold.

Still, I want to kill him.

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petit ☮

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