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Warning. Full fiction content.

Who do you think you are ? A devil with pungent looks ? I saw too many eyes, too many minds. They’re nothing but clones. Same structure, different masks. You just couldn’t fit in there. You with your swords, shield, your strong armor ready for battle, but it’s a long way to inferno.

You wake up with your mind at peace but in 0,01 seconds it turns into state of war. You’re there, laying in your bed sleeping with your eyes wide open, lying that you don’t. Light up that cigarette, let it burn, let it flow through your system, let it kill it. Make it the perfect murder. It’s 3 a.m., you can’t sleep, you’re awake and fighting off those demons who torment your dreams. I see you fighting right now, heavily breathing, tense, concentrated.

I pulled the trigger by mistake. Now you can open your eyes.

The guy who features in the image is Codrin Bradea, a wise little warrior. I suggest you checking him out right now :


Give him some love.

Petit ☮

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