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#8 – Oh dear humanity


In this diary entry I want to talk about a subject that I call : humanity, or simple let’s name it : people. I chose to write about this interesting species after I followed some of the human’s reaction after a physical “hurricane”.  First of all, I hate my country’s politics and from here : I hate politics and I won’t ever discuss it or think about it. I honestly don’t want to overweight my mind with such a hilarious matter.

In my country yesterday took part one of the two presidential elections. I honestly tell you dear reader that I reached the point of not caring who will win. Why ? Because unfortunately they are all the same, they are simply human beings with stealer-poker face, marvelous actors pretending to care. But we all know, no one cares, for anyone, for nothing. We haven’t learned our lesson yet. Oh dear humanity.

Today I came home from college, ready to work on a new creepy story when I saw on facebook these interesting hilarious posts coming from various people telling the world that they had enough, that they want to puke, that they are sick and tired. Yes, they realized after 20 years (or less) that the system is corrupted but they already knew it, but still they came to complain today when the official results of the elections were shown. I feel so sorry for a part of my nation because they are still naive, because they want to believe that some sort of good evil will sort things out, they still facepalm themselves when they see some illiterates voting with the wrong side. How possibly can things turn out on the other way ? It simply can’t. Those people might not be guilty for their lack of knowledge because they might have grown in a place that would have constrained them and for the lamb’s sake who are we to judge them ?! We are no God, we are no judge. Well, this is my opinion of course, you, the one who will read this, you’ll have something else on your mind to say and I will listen to it, because we are humans, aren’t we ?

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