Brain Food, Dear diary


Warning ! Content full of fiction.

I’m in the graveyard. Everything is so calm, so still, so beautiful. Light my cigarette and enjoy this smoky fog. I think I saw mr. Grim. I want to talk with him, I want to ask him if he joins me, if he would take a seat and drink from my enchanted coffee and smoke my cigarette. But I’m sure he won’t find it romantic. Taking a stroll through tombstones and leafless trees, I have a feeling that I’m playing hide and seek. Something is after me.

I don’t want to go back home, I’m walking straight ahead this dark alley in the forest. Strange noises surround me, echoing into my heart.

Don’t look behind“, my mind kept whispering, but couldn’t stop doing it hoping that he will catch me. He lost my track. Wish he could only find me. The moon is watching my steps with her staring smile but I think I’m lost, I can’t see the path anymore, maybe I took the wrong way or … the right one. 

Dark beast, you’re oh so blurry, I hear your monstrous breath, you’re waiting for me. I’m making small steps, feeling like a bride walking her way to the altar. I’m almost there. I smell your perfume, you’re enchanting me with it. You’re waiting at the end of the road in your black cloak, with those light blue eyes,

You caught me.

AzurylipfesStock, graveyard, photo, grave
original photo – azurylipfesstock (click on image)

Song of the day : Crosses – Death Bell

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