Brain Food, Dear diary


Dear diary,

It has been awhile. Today I listened to a song that touched my heart. It woke up inside me the desire to take a walk alone.

Simply, walk. Be with myself and my mind, all alone. No company, nothing. Maybe that pretty song to join me. With my sunglasses on, so I can see everything without being seen, all the trees, birds, the people walking by. Then sit on a bench, light a cigarette and listen to that song, on repeat.

I’m on my way to explore new grounds. I suddenly want to be a child, I want to do whatever my mind wants to : I want to lay down and watch the sky. I want to be innocent again, but that’s all gone. Innocence has traveled far away, to unknown lands. The grass is so soft, it’s too kind to my skin. A raindrop falls down on my cheeks, it doesn’t want to go away, I won’t wipe it off. 

A stranger approaches and whispers “I will take you to your hidden place“. I think I want to go there. I remember a place with a waterfall, trees, wild sky, I’ve been there in my dreams. My bones are shaking, my heart stopped beating. I can feel the cold water flowing through me. Swimming to infinity. 

Song of the day : FKA twigs – Water me

Petit ☮

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