White-Red cloth (Wedding Night)

Beautiful words coming from a beautiful mind !

jupiterusi's Blog

Ade Adetayo

Bullet through the barrel,
Upsurge in hormones unravel,
Pleasure and pain,
Let them rain.

Arms massage her bosom
womanhood reignited in gloom
A virtuous woman, there she lays,
Honey in the moon, what she craves.

Her nipples stiffened hard,
weights above fiercely charge,
Her mountains forged ahead,
The white linen is stained red,

The night is silent,
heavy breathes here present,
As he comes through,
Moans planted, mildly grew

Pondering on the first bond
When it was really her blood,
When sharp pain hit her groin
unease toss to the tailed coin.

Legal into the union,
Tonight is only a reunion,
Hers, the joy of marriage
Defeated is the culture carried.

wonder if she felt different at dawn,
For the love made or the relieved yawn?
She is a beautiful bride
Iyawo, welcome to the new life.

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