Brain Food, Dear diary


We all live in an empty world, there is no life, there is no love, there is no joy. There is no identity. Who am I ? Who are you ? I can see myself in every you.

Dear diary,

This is my 3rd entry and I almost forgot to write down those “dear diary” magic words that make you feel enchanted. But wait, I can’t do magic because I’m not a wizard.

So let’s pretend you’re my best friend. Now I will tell you what happened today, because you’re curious about it. Now I smile, even if you can’t see it. So, today I spent my time drinking coffee and chit-chatting with a lovely young girl. She left behind some sparks and a million little pieces of sea stars. Do you know how it feels ? It’s as beautiful as the sunrise or as a blooming flower.


Song of the day : Benjamin Francis Leftwich – More Than Letters


Thank you, G !


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