Brain Food, Dear diary


I was listening today to Portishead, to “Wandering Star”  particularly.  But then I found out this “Gloomy Sunday” song that awoke inside my soul the desire to smoke a cigarette. Yesterday I traveled to foreign lands, seen foreign faces, some of them happy faces. In my way back I was making myself comfortable in the car, next to the window and staring at the troubled faces who were rushing through the city. 
They are only STRANGERS with NUMB faces wanting a BISCUIT trapped in the GLORY BOX that sits on the PEDESTAL. These are SOUR TIMES, my dear one. These WESTERN EYES are HUMMING, with their HUNTER NYLON SMILES and their PLASTIC THREADS. They have UNDENIED ROADS built in less than SEVEN MONTHS, but I can see MOURNING AIR in my SMALL MACHINE GUN. There’s SILENCEIT’S A FIRE in DEEP WATER filled with MAGIC DOORS and strange MYSTERONS promising THE RIP WE CARRY ON.
IT COULD BE SWEET if you could give them that biscuit that’s ALL MINEIt is OVER yet ? ONLY YOU will decide it.

Song of the day : Portishead – Elysium


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