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Satana tribute

I met a few months ago this young and charismatic man I mentioned in a post before. Codrin (Satana) is a local talent and If he keeps up the good work he will become one day a big filmmaker because this fresh mind has a lot of creativity involved in.
So I thought this young man deserves a lot of warm colors* :


I support mr. Satana (everytime I spell it makes me want to spell “Santana”, sorry Codrin) and I invite you to subscribe to his youtube channel 

Have a great week !

4 thoughts on “Satana tribute”

    1. I guess he wanted to parody the “Satana” name, originally his first channel was “Satana cartoons” in which indeed he was doing some funny parodies, one of his main features. I hope my explanation helped a little bit and thank you kindly for stopping by.


  1. Ney ney ney. Nu a fost asa. A ales numele Satana pentru ca atunci cand a inceput era foarte populara pagina “Dumnezeu” si alte pagini cu nume de sfinti ce postau continut asemanator, dar nu era niciuna cu Satana asa ca de acolo a pornit. Codrin s-a ocupat mult timp doar de pagina inainte sa se apuce de yt.

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