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London : Before the amazing

In the airoport

It was 8 a.m., I only knew that I was going to depart at 11:30. I really didn’t knew why I woke up so early, why it was just me (and my family) and a few guardians in the main hall or why I felt so senseless, maybe it was too early. What I was supposed to do than to drink a coffee and stop thinking of having a cigarette ? After about an hour I found myself waiting for the check-in, I was the first to pass and apparently so blind and deaf that I never said goodbye to my parents. I thought they will be in the waiting room. There was no duty free, just a little shop where you could appease your thirst, hunger or the impatience in the smoking room.

This was the point when I felt that … that anxiety. There was nobody to talk to, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, so little, so lost but still, so confident. Then, a small man entered the room and took a seat towards mine and I started talking. I couldn’t help it, couldn’t stop it.

Then I learned his story :

At first view, he seemed just a simple man. He didn’t went to college, he found his love when he was still a teenager : farming. Yes, farming. By the years he got deeper and deeper in the work and now he had a house in the UK, he was working really hard, but the way he was describing me each equipment and the processes so excited, he was obviously in love.

Got my seat near the window in the airplane, the entire flight I watched those beautiful clouds, the sky and contemplating on how perfect the world is …


To be continued …

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