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Innocent dream


3 thoughts on “Innocent dream”

  1. “A sleep” gives us the power to unleash our mind and free our soul. The gift of “imagination” will guide our spirit, through the realm of dreams.
    Un articol “visator”…hmmm…foarte frumos.


  2. I need one of these.. I mean an „innocent dream”.. but for that, I need sleep first – to „unleash my mind and free my spirit” as Robert said :).
    Thank you, as always, dragă Petit :).


    1. You’re welcome ! :D Iar eu ma bucur ca te-a incantat articolul, de asemenea iti multumesc ca esti atat de aproape de “Jurnalul lui Petit” !
      Iti doresc un sfarsit de saptamana frumos !


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